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Trench Town Rock

Bob Marley & The Wailers

Session date, July, 1971

  • Bob Marley, lead vocal
  • Bunny Wailer, harmony vocals
  • Lloyd "Bread" McDonald, harmony vocals
  • Peter Tosh, harmony vocals
  • Winston "Pipe" Matthews, harmony vocals
  • Carlton "Carly" Barrett, drums
  • Bunny Wailer, bass
  • Bob Marley, guitar
  • Wally Williams, guitar
  • Peter Tosh, piano
  • Alvin "Seeco" Patterson, percussion

Recorded at West Indies Studio in Kingston, 4 track
Engineer, Andy Capp
Engineer, Carlton Lee
Producer, The Wailers

First release: Tuff Gong

You can hear or buy this song on:
African Herbsman (cd)
African Herbsman (lp)
Ark Of The Covenant (cd)
Grooving Kingston 12 (cd)
Rasta Revolution (cd)
Songs Of Freedom (cd)
Songs Of Freedom (lp)
Trenchtown Rock (cd)

The song sounds best on:
Rasta Revolution (cd)

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Ark Of The Covenant
Grooving Kingston 12
Rasta Revolution
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Trenchtown Rock

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