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Them A' Fi Get A Beaten

Peter Tosh

Session date, May, 1971

  • Peter Tosh, lead vocal
  • Cecile Campbell, harmony vocals
  • Hortense Lewis, harmony vocals
  • Martin Sinclair, drums
  • Val Douglas, bass
  • Geoffrey Chung, guitar
  • Mikey Chung, guitar
  • Earl "Wire" Lindo, piano
  • Earl "Wire" Lindo, organ

Recorded at Joe Gibbs' Studio in Kingston, 4 track
Engineer, Joe Gibbs
Producer, Joe Gibbs

Matrix: FJG 7705-A
First release: Pressure Beat

Musicians were known collectively as Now Generation. Joe Gibbs has said
that he believes Rita Marley and Judy Mowatt sang the harmonies on this
session. Bunny remembers Cecile Campbell and Hortense Lewis singing harmony
vocals (which is more likely, as the harmonies don't sound like Rita Marley
and Judy Mowatt).

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The song sounds best on:
Arise Black Man (cd)

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